Monday, December 26

back to the blogging

Assalamualaikum. <3

Actually, rindu sangat nak update blog.tapi masa sangat tidak mengizinkan and terpaksa private blog begitu lama.sorry.Fyi, aku tak selalu sangat update blog ni,once a week pon jadi la.Tapi aku terpaksa private atas sebab sebab tertentu dan sekarang tak private lagi dah tapi hide semua entry lepas yang tidak sepatutnya.heeeeee.terpaksa ok.have to forget my past.have to build new past is very difficult to explain.and now, lets you know my new life.LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH.everything is here.i dont have anyone that i can share my problems* ayat macam emosional giler.haha.memang tengah emosional pon.anyway, just wait for the next entry ok.xoxo.

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